Jazz DramVocals Workshop with Elena Dana & Special Guests

Always wanted to learn how to sing jazz but never had a chance?

If you think it’s too late, or perhaps you never had a formal training or your music ear is not too strong, then this is the place for you!

What to expect from our classes?
Our classes are all about practice. Within theoretical jazz vocals framework we concentrate on practical elements surrounding voice and movement, to prepare you for a stage as a jazz soloist. In other words, we encourage the use of Kinesthetic learning in our classes and you can watch this raw footage from live session here to see how we work: https://youtu.be/yo_vIxeykcM

The venue is in the heart of The Hague, in the Happy Bird fully amplified Music Studios, with Elena Dana your jazz vocal coach, and our special guest, a jazz vocalist – Lisanne Pronk

Bring your love of jazz and dramatic arts with you and we’ll do the rest ♥

Workshop outline:

There are three parts of 45min each, with a break in between with refreshments and hot beverage provided

Part 1 is dedicated to vocal training, jazz ear training & stylistics
Part 2 is all about dramatic arts for powerful stage presence
Part 3 is where our special guest comes in on improv, scatting, phrasing & belting

Song we are going to be working with:

Sat 7 March: Misty (A) version by Peggy Lee


Your instructors: Elena Dana & Lisanne Pronk

For more information go to Jazz Sing International